High Value Manufacturing Catapult


The High Value Manufacturing Catapult is the catalyst for the future growth and success of manufacturing in the UK. Its long-term goal is to stimulate growth in the manufacturing sector and more than double the sector's contribution to UK GDP. It does this by helping businesses and research institutions accelerate new concepts to commercial reality. It will enable the UK to address market needs in key areas, making the country more competitive on the global stage.
The High Value Manufacturing Catapult combines the strengths of seven existing centres across key manufacturing processes, with over £140 million of government investment planned over a six-year period, and investment matched by private industry. The centres that make up the Catapult include:
The Catapult brings these centres together to develop manufacturing technologies, which can span from raw materials to finished assembly processes. It also enables innovation to cut across sectors by bringing together businesses from diverse industries and giving access to a pool of world-class expertise, equipment and processes invested and supported by UK government.
It bridges the gap between early innovation, where the UK has traditionally been strong, and industrial-scale manufacturing, where real wealth is created and the UK and which needs to grow to support a healthy and balanced economy.
This allows progressive businesses and organisations to build new partnerships and products with significantly reduced risks. It makes the HVM Catapult an invaluable resource and a two-way communication channel for industry to the heart of government.
The HVM Catapult has engaged with almost 2000 businesses since 2011.  Access a selection of their case studies