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The Catapult centres are transforming UK innovation. 
If you have a business with the ambition to innovate, the Catapults can bring you new opportunity. We've already seen our first products, breakthroughs and successes. 
And innovators are already seeing the benefits of the Catapults:
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7 centres of excellence – with more to come

Innovate UK funds the Catapults to encourage economic growth. 

A Catapult is a technology and innovation centre where the best of UK businesses, scientists and engineers can work together on research and development. 

The Catapults help transform ideas into new products and services to generate economic growth.

We've launched 7 Catapults:

And there'll be 2 more Catapults coming soon - the Precision Medicine Catapult and the Energy Systems Catapult.

Catapults use the power of people and organisations working together. These partnerships create new opportunities, reduce innovation risk, and help take new products and services to market.

Recognition in today's Hauser review of progress made by Catapult centres

Cell Therapy

Recognition in today's Hauser review of...

London, UK - The Cell Therapy Catapult, which is focused on the development of the UK cell therapy industry to increase...

Recognition in today's Hauser review of progress made by Catapult centres

05 Nov 2014

London, UK - The Cell Therapy Catapult, which is focused on the development of the UK cell therapy industry to increase the nation's health and wealth, is pleased to note that, in his review of the Catapult centres network1,2, Hermann Hauser has recognised the progress made so far in developing and leveraging a UK translational infrastructure in a range of sectors. Published today, his nine recommendations to Government for the long-term future of the network include a call for sustained funding, and development of strategies for enhanced engagement with SMEs and universities. 

Since inception in 2012, the Cell Therapy Catapult has been working with the UK cell therapy community to address the translational barriers to development of the industry, which can be broadly characterised as relating to business, manufacturing/supply chain and clinical/regulatory issues. Working  with cell therapy developers to address these challenges in a systematic way, it has reviewed almost 200 academic and around 300 industry leads3 so far, resulting in several projects. Further engagement is ongoing. The Cell Therapy Catapult case studies featured in Dr Hauser's report illustrate some of the success stories, showing how the organisation is working to de-risk the industry to attract further commercial investment. 

Keith Thompson, CEO of the Cell Therapy Catapult, said, 'The clear vision of the long-term future of the Catapult network, as outlined in the Hauser review, is very encouraging, including the call for the sustained funding vital to our impact. We have already benefited from further investment, with the new large-scale Cell Therapy Manufacturing Centre expected to come online in 2017 to support late-stage clinical trial and commercial supply. It will play a key role in helping us accelerate the cell therapy products emerging from the UK science base towards the market and patient benefit. '

Click here to read Hauser Report 2014


Review of the Catapult network - Recommendations on the future shape, scope and ambition of the programme

Hauser calls for 30 Catapult centres by 2030 - Innovate UK press release

Cell Therapy Catapult First Review, September 2014


High Value Manufacturing

Nuclear AMRC leads new European research to improve manufacturing quality and perfomance

The projects will develop machining techniques to reduce the risk of component failure over a...


Transport Systems

Travel gripes revealed

Weather, traffic jams and drunkenness among leading festive travel moans.


Connected Digital Economy

Copyright Hub and the Digital Catapult...

The Digital Catapult-backed Copyright Hub announces use cases including...


IEA Wind 2013 Annual Report Released

Offshore Renewable Energy

IEA Wind 2013 Annual Report Released

The International Energy Agency (IEA Wind) has today issued the IEA Wind 2013 Annual Report. The report, which is drafted...

The International Energy Agency (IEA Wind) has today issued the IEA Wind 2013 Annual Report. The report, which is drafted by IEA Wind member countries, presents information on generation capacity, progress towards national objectives, benefits to national economies, issues affecting growth, costs of projects and turbines, national incentive programmes and R&D results.

The latest findings predict that world wind capacity now generates enough electricity to meet about 4% of the world's electricity demand. Most of this wind capacity (85%) resides in the member countries of the International Energy Agency Co-operative Agreement on Wind Energy.

In 2013, every IEA Wind member country added wind capacity, and five countries installed more than 1 GW: China (16.09 GW), Germany (3.36 GW), the United Kingdom (2.42 GW), Canada (1.60 GW), and the United States (1.09 GW).

Nine countries increased capacity by more than 20%: Finland (67%), México (35%), United Kingdom (29%), Canada (26%), Australia (25%), Sweden (24%), Austria (22%), Switzerland (22%), and China (21%). The Executive Summary synthesises the information for 2013 and includes data on capacity and generation in member countries since 1995.

Patricia Weis-Taylor, Secretary, IEA Wind, said: "By sharing information and working co-operatively on research tasks, IEA Wind member countries greatly multiply the efforts of individual countries to advance wind energy development. Member countries located in Europe, North America, Asia, and the Pacific Region are reaching out to other countries to expand the benefits of this international co-operation."

ORE Catapult has a seat on the Executive Committee and acts as the contact point for UK organisations wishing to engage in IEA Wind research activities. For further information please contact Ignacio Marti, Innovation and Research Director,

The report is available for free download here

Notes to editors

IEA Wind

The IEA Wind is focused on advancing wind energy development, and has 20 member countries whose aim is to foster research, development, and deployment of wind energy systems and undertake cooperative R&D projects.

The ORE Catapult together with partners was responsible for drafting the United Kingdom country report.

IEA Wind 2013 Annual Report (2014) Implementing Agreement for Co-operation in the Research, Development, and Deployment of Wind Energy Systems, PWT Communications, LLC: Boulder, CO, 188 pages, ISBN 0-9786383-9-5, [].


Future Cities

Government Pledges £40m of Funding for IoT Innovation

The 2015 Budget promises significant investment for Internet of Things projects in cities


Flexible, Shared Workspace in the Heart of the Space Sector - Free until the End of 2014

Satellite Applications

Flexible, Shared Workspace in the Heart of the...

The Satellite Applications Catapult, an independent technology and innovation company, is offering flexible, shared...

The Satellite Applications Catapult, an independent technology and innovation company, is offering flexible, shared workspace in its Harwell Oxford headquarters for companies that want to engage with the Catapult and other organisations in the Space sector. Ranging from hot desks bookable on a day-to-day basis to pre-assigned desks for unlimited use, Co-Space users will benefit from informal access to Catapult staff as well as other organisations working in the Space sector - and it's free until the end of December 2014.

The Catapult's Co-Space facility provides workspace in a vibrant, entrepreneurial environment that can be used by anyone from start-ups and small- to medium-sized enterprises to large organisations, as well as end-users and academic researchers. Co-Space clients can use the facility to work together to develop new satellite-based services, technologies and applications, and also get access to valuable networking and business growth events. Where required, technical and business experts from the Catapult can offer mentoring support.

All Co-Space users can attend networking events when using the resource. These include the Catapult's Christmas events on Wednesday lunchtimes, starting on 26 November, which will include presentations by Catapult experts on areas including Big Data, Design and Business Modelling, and Emerging CubeSat Technology.

Stuart Martin, CEO of the Satellite Applications Catapult, said: "Harwell is the ideal place for companies in the Space sector to work. Now, our new Co-Space facility makes it possible for small businesses and start-ups, as well as larger organisations, to work here, either temporarily or for longer periods." Stuart added: "We know how valuable face-to-face interaction can be, and Co-Space offers unique opportunities for both planned and casual co-working and collaboration, as well as easy access to the Catapult's broad range of experts. By offering it free until the end of the year, we hope that a broad variety of users will get the chance to find out just how valuable this way of working can be." 

If you would like more information about the Catapult's Co-Space facilities, please click here to download our flyer, or email: