Transport Systems Catapult


Efficient transport systems are essential to the health and wealth of the UK, its businesses, its economy and its people. The Transport Systems Catapult centre seeks to exploit the massive potential market for new products and services that will support the integration of transport and its systems.
The key challenge is how to increase mobility: the efficient and cost-effective movement of people and goods. Constraints on land and investment mean that the only way to overcome this challenge will be to work in a coordinated and collaborative way, to develop improved transport systems and thereby unlock latent capacity.
Key to the Transport Systems Catapult proposition will be a new, collaborative, cross–modal way of working and a methodology that will enable the commercialisation of new transport solutions.
The Transport Systems Catapult aims to be a global centre of excellence for transport systems modelling, monitoring, development and demonstration. This will be a place where the latest theories on how transport systems interact, where functions can be tested against real world demonstrators, and a place where a‘system of systems' can be safely and objectively tested.
The Catapult provides a neutral space in which players from different transport sectors and from different points of the supply chain are able to interact with one another to jointly develop new systems and approaches, and influence new behaviours. The Catapult will drive development of a national transport systems-modelling facility and host a virtual test environment where world-class physical testing can be linked to the digital models.
This integrated approach will generate substantial and long-term economic benefit to the UK. It will position the UK as the leading provider of innovative and integrated transport solutions to the rest of the world, exploiting a market estimated to be worth £900bn by 2025.